In ancient Indian mythology, Airavat was a multi-tusked white elephant considered to be the guardian of heaven, and symbolized wisdom.

Inspired by its mythological namesake, Airavat Capital seeks to be a guardian of its investors’ wealth, and to help create long-term value by employing wisdom, prudence and patience in the face of fear, greed and emotions that often drive capital markets. The firm advises and manages pools of capital from international and Indian investors seeking long-term absolute returns without being tied to a particular benchmark or index. Deeply influenced by the founders’ background in private equity and venture capital, the firm adopts differentiated levels of alignment, rigor and long-term focus in its approach to public market investing.

We believe that the best investment opportunities come at either end of the spectrum – buying very high quality economic moat businesses or deep value opportunities – at significant relative margins of safety.

We adopt a research-oriented approach that emphasizes proprietary, bottom-up work. While we are market cap agnostic, we are biased towards the vast universe of micro, small and mid cap stocks that tend to have minimal or no sell-side coverage in India.